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I’m guessing you have an interest in rug hooking.
Please check out my 2020 project:  a virtual show for the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild and watch for our next virtual show in 2023.

About the rug in the banner:


In 2008, on a road trip, I had the opportunity to find the farm that my great-great-grandfather had started in 1855 in south western Wisconsin.

A hand-drawn map in the family history my grandfather wrote in the 1960s, combined with Google Maps and satellite view led me to the farm.

Thinking I might find remains of one of the old houses, I turned down the driveway only to find a brand new house under construction.

In 2021, using Google Maps and Google Earth, I put together a composite image from two different seasons and created the rug “Kilpatrick Farm: 1855.”

This is the first rug I’ve created using a map.  It was lots of fun.

There were farmscapes within 100 miles of the family farm that had even more fun shapes in the contour plowing, but I chose to document the family connection, vs. the coolest patterns.

Exploring Google Earth may yield more ideas for future rugs.

What places are special to you?


Kilpatrick Farm: 1855

Designed and Hooked by Barb Ackemann.  Mostly repurposed wools with some hand-dyed and spot-dyed greens on new wool or over-dyed repurposed wool.

On linen in mostly 5-cuts.