A new adventure…

I’ve been thinking about building this geodirectory for rug hooking for a long time. In March of 2022, a few weeks before heading out on the road for a month-long tour with my musician husband, I decided to just go for it.

Armed with recent Rug Hooking Magazines and an issue of ATHA, I began “seeding” the database, so that when I opened it up to public use, there would be close to 100 pins in the maps.

It felt pretty good, and proved useful to me, on the road, when I discovered a vendor that was along our route. Adding an hour driving to a 4 day trip was nothing, and I met a new friend, Anne Norvell of Counting Sheep in Florence, Alabama.

I posted to the Rug Hooking Camps, Shows, Workshops and Classes FaceBook Group and my post was approved this morning. Already, there are 11 new places, several updates of places I had added, and 5 new events.

And I don’t think any spam or bogus postings!

Please comment on this blog post if and when and how the directory proves useful to you!

Barb Ackemann
Author: Barb Ackemann


  1. Hi Barb, This is exciting and thanks for creating this new site to help we traveling braided and hookers. I’m reading through everything now.
    Happy travels, Kris

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