Add Group

Prior to Adding a Listing, please see Guide to Categories and Tags and Suggested Tags for Groups

Adding Places:

For Artists, Teachers, Store Owners: Please choose one of the plans. See Membership-Options page for full details of each plan. For anyone creating a listing for someone else, choose the Free Forever plan and be sure to NOT check the “Business Owner/Associate” checkbox so the person or owner will be able to CLAIM the listing and maintain it for themselves. They can keep it at the Free Forever level, or choose one of the paid options.

You can enter “exact address after contact or appointment” instead of a street address.

Adding Events:

Anyone can enter listings for events. If you are not the event organizer, please leave “Event Organizer” unchecked so the organizer can CLAIM the listing and update as needed.

All events are free listings until we have 100 UPCOMING events.

Event addresses should be the actual address for the event, not the address of the sponsor.

Adding Groups:

Group listings are free, but need to be renewed each year – to ensure content stays up to date. The group contact person should be the registered user on this site, so they’ll “own” the group lisitng. If you post a “placeholder” listing please leave “Group Contact Person” unchecked so the “official” group contact person can claim the listing. (When your turn at this job is up, edit the listing and uncheck this box, opening it up for your successor to claim the listing – you’re not stuck with it forever!)

If your group or guild covers a wide geographic area, consider entering just an “x” for street address, and city, and state or province to try to put a marker on the map near the center of your group’s area. Example: I chose Montpelier, VT for the Green Mountain Guild because it is near the center of the state.

You can enter “exact address after contact or appointment” instead of a street address.