Goodwill comes to town

My town of Brattleboro, Vermont now has a Goodwill store — in a space that had been JC Penneys and then Peebles. It’s big, and they are getting stock from local donations as well as from Goodwill stores in the region. I’ve been a few times and not found much wool, but I’ll keep checking in.

On a recent trip to North Carolina and Virginia we hit a few Goodwill stores and I found 5 nice, mostly brightly colored wool skirts and a Size XXX bright purple blazer. One teal skirt seemed like it probably had surplus color, so I cut it up, and layered it with some pieces of white wool. I rolled the soaked wool in a “sausage” and tied it up before adding it to a pot of simmering water that had some TIDE and Synthropol. After a good long simmer, I removed the roll, added Citric Acid and returned the roll for 10 more minutes of simmering. The results are shown in the two pieces at the left of the image.

There was still LOTs of color in my dyepot, so I divided it up in quart jars and added 1/2 t of various dye solutions I keep on hand — resulting in the variety of jewel tones on 1/16 yard pieces. When that was done, there was still color in the jars so I dumped it all back in the dye pot and overdyed a pale gray skirt panel, a small piece of “celery” wool from Dorr, and another piece of a white garment and finally exhausted the dyebath. LOTS of great colors to add to my stash, which already had plenty of solid teal.

What fun! Now I’ve got to get hooking!

Barb Ackemann
Author: Barb Ackemann