How to…

How to create an account

NOTE: You don’t need an account to access the info on this site — you ONLY need to create an account to be able to claim, create, or edit listings.

  1. Click any of the Add buttons or the Login button in the footer. You’ll be asked to login OR to register for an account on this site.
  2. You’ll create a user name, share your full name, enter your email address, and create a password.
  3. That’s it! If you forget your password, there’s a link in the footer to request a password reset, which will come to you as an email.
  4. You can use one account to create and manage many listings. The account is for you, the person, not tied to a specific business or event.

How to Claim a listing that already exists

  1. When you view a group of PLACES, EVENTS, or GROUPS, you may see buttons that say CLAIM.
  2. This is for listings that were created by the site owner to get things started and test the system, or by fans of your business who thought you should have a “pin on the map”.
  3. When you click the CLAIM button, you’ll be asked to login, or to create an account.
  4. Once logged in, the CLAIM button will show you a short form to submit. The site owner will get an email notification of the Claim, and will approve the claim, or contact you to determine if you are, indeed, the business owner, event organizer, or group representative.
  5. When your claim is approved, you should get an email and you’ll then be the listing “owner” and you’ll be able to edit or delete the listing.

How to Edit a listing after you’ve claimed it or created it

  1. Login to the site using the link: or the Login button in the footer of every page.
  2. Your profile will show you a list of your PLACES, EVENTS, or GROUPS.
  3. In the “card” view or “detail” view of the listing, you’ll see buttons to EDIT or DELETE – but only for the listings where your account is the “owner”.
  4. Please remember that FREE listings of PLACES are limited to 1 photo, and FREE listings of EVENTS are limited to 3 photos.
  5. Make edits as desired or necessary and click UPDATE.

How to Create a Brand New Listing

  1. Click the button in the top menu to Add a PLACE, EVENT or GROUP
  2. Log in, or create an account.
  3. You’ll get the form for adding a listing, with the first choice being to choose your plan.
    Through May 31, you’ll see an option for Early Adopters, which is a free listing, that will remain on the site “free forever” and has a few features that the other Free Forever plan will not include.
    You can see all the options for other plans on this page: Membership
  4. IF you are NOT the responsible person creating the listing, please leave unchecked the box at the bottom of the form for “Business Owner” – this will make it available for the “real” business owner to make a claim.
  5. NEW LISTINGS are not immediately published. The site owner will review what you’ve added it and either Publish the listing, or contact you about missing info, or inappropriate content. Please allow up to 48 hours, as travel may delay the site owner’s access.
  6. Follow guidelines for the level of Membership you’ve selected for # of photos, and # of tags – even if the program seems to allow you to add more!

How to contact Barb when something didn’t work as expected

  1. Use the Contact link in the footer, or send an email to Identify a particular listing, or kind of listing you were attempting to add or edit.

How to help grow this directory — both in terms of listings, and in terms of users

  1. Share a link to this site with your Rug Hooking friends and groups.
  2. Invite businesses, suppliers, service providers and teachers to add a PLACE listing.
  3. Invite event organizers to add an EVENT listing.
  4. Invite a representative for your group to add a GROUP listing.
  5. Print this “calling card” and share it at your meetings, post it in your stores, take it to classes, etc.
    (Right-click, or Control-click on the image to open it in a new TAB, then save the image to print as needed — or include it in emails you send to your Rug Hooking Friends!)
Rug Hooking Road Trip card


Let’s make this an inclusive directory for Rug Hookers everywhere!