Membership Options for Listing People and Places and Events

I am working to structure the memberships for this site in a way that will serve all of us and be sustainable for me. There are “hard” costs for the software and hosting for this site.  If it is sustainable, I can add features to make it even more useful.

These options are for artists and businesses who want to show up on the map of PLACES.

Options for Event Organizers are separate — and based on admission  or registration fees for event – see below.  Free events are Free Forever!

An option not displayed here is for the Early Adopters who claimed or created their listings before these levels were set up.  I will honor the features that were available when the site launched, “free forever” to those artists and businesses who jumped on board in the first month.  The option to change levels is always there,  up or down.

Free Forever $0

renewable every 12 months

  • Completely Free!
  • Takes only minutes to claim or create your listing
  • Reach potential customers

Supporter $100/yr

payable $25 quarterly

  • Quarterly payments, easy on your budget.
  • Add more photos to really showcase your offerings.  
  • Add longer text and format with html markup.
  • Enhanced listing with more photos and social media links.
  • Attract more potential customers
  • List up to 8 non-free events  ($40 to $160 savings vs. paying for individual events – see below for normal fees.)

Sustainer $150/yr

payable $ 150 yearly

  • One annual payment — less than a single ad in a magazine!
  • Add more photos and videos to showcase your offerings.  
  • Unlimited text and formatting with html markup.
  • Vending or teaching?  Link your “PLACE”  to “EVENTS” on this site for cross traffic.
  • List up to 15 non-free events ($75 to $300 savings vs. paying for individual events  – see below for normal fees.)

Options for listing events

Supporter and Sustainer Memberships (see above) include 8 or 15 event listings.

Early Adopters: The first 100 upcoming events are all free for 12 months. Ok to post "Save the Date" and edit later when you have more details. Rates below kick in after site has 100 upcoming events.

Free Events $0 admission / registration

$ 0 for 12 months

  • Post your event up to a full year ahead.
  • Only available for events that are free to the attendee.

Events up to $100 admission / registration

$ 5 for 12 months1

  • Post your event up to a full year ahead.
  • Only available for events that cost the attendee less than $100

Events over $100 admission / registration

$ 20 for 12 months

  • Post your event up to a full year ahead.
  • For events that cost the attendee >$100

You’ll choose the membership option or event listing type when you ADD A PLACE, or ADD AN EVENT.

Group listings don’t have options, as they are always free.  You’ll only pay for event listings. 

If your group has more than 8 non-free events per year, please see the Supporter and Sustainer options above.