Rug Hooking Practitioners and Fans

For now….

Please experiment with this site. Add your favorite local vendor, instructor, gallery.  Better yet,  show them this site and let them “own” their own listing.

Add events, including as much info as possible. The event form requires an email address. If you don’t have one use info@xxxx (using the url of the event’s website.)  By default, the site will show only upcoming events, so let’s add them, knowing that they won’t display once the date has gone by.

Add groups that you are a member of.  For now, you’re taking responsibility for that group!  Be sure to check in with others in your group and share what you’ve done!

Be in touch with me with suggestions for other categories or tags to make searching more friendly.

Creating a Listing from Scratch

REQUIRED: Download this one-page guide to adding to the directory: RugHookingRoadTrip Categories and Tags

Click Add a Place (or Add an Event)

  1. you’ll be prompted to login, or create an account so you can login.
  2. you’ll be presented with a form to fill in
  3. if you don’t’ want to give out your exact address you can enter “contact for exact address” instead of a street address. In the next step just navigate to your town to get the coordinates.
  4. if your address doesn’t show on the map when you click the button to do so, you may need to go to a google map of your address, Control-click (Mac) or Right-click (PC) on the map pin and you’ll see the longitude and latitude. Clicking on that line should copy that info to your clipboard and then you can paste it into the longitude field on the webform. It will come in as one long string of numbers, probably with a – in the middle. Highlight from the – to the end, cut and paste into the next field.
  5. fill in the contact fields you want us to share with users.
  6. For categories (broad groupings – think “Table of Contents”) choose all that apply, and then the primary category for your listing.
  7. For tags you can be as granular as you like, but please do go through the existing tags and choose any and all that are appropriate. Don’t add new tags unless it’s a new idea — to the extent that you use tags that others have used, users will be able to find you from related listings. Invent your own and you’re kind of on your own….
    See Suggested Tags for Groups
  8. Leave unchecked the box for “Business Owner/ Associate”  unless you are the owner or associate.  This will set things up so the owner can claim the listing and take over adding content.  Until they do, you are in charge of updating any listing you create.
  9. When you save the form, I’ll get an email that there’s a new listing to review, and I’ll take a look and publish your listing within a day or two. If you are replacing a listing I created for you or your business, I’ll also delete that placeholder.

Keep track of your username and password from step 1 because this will let you manage your listing – add more tags or categories, update links, etc.

Welcome aboard!


In the future…..

The software would allow me to set up a user’s list-maker function. You could click on places and “Add to my List” as you plan your next trip! I’ve yet to implement or test this, but it sounds interesting!