Rug School Nova Scotia

Della and Barb at Della’s Rug Hooking in Amherst, NS

It was really wonderful to come back for my second Rug School. We take several days to do the 14 hour drive from Vermont to Halifax, and I noticed that my sense of excitement was different — I was coming ~back~ to see friends I had made in 2019, and I ~sort of~ knew what to expect.

The School was smaller in 2022, due to the uncertainties of Covid. We were able to have a little distance in seating for the morning assemblies, and of course, we all wore masks nearly all the time. It did cause me to do less “schmoozing” than I might have, but I did get to tell the assembled students, guild board members and teachers about the brand new Rug Hooking Road Trip website, and throughout the week, people would tell me they thought it was a great idea. We added a few new Groups to the brand new Groups map, and a few business owners claimed their businesses and will make updates on their own.

We have our first listing in England! A fellow student at Rug School signed herself up. I had several interesting conversations with people who maybe do a little bit of teaching – I encouraged them to put themselves on the map, not so much as to drum up business, but so that other rug hookers nearby could discover that they weren’t alone!

MANY newly available business cards were picked up by attendees, for themselves and to share with others back at home. Word of mouth is going to be crucial!

After the week was over, Scott and I hung out south of Mahone Bay for a few days, visited Encompassing Designs, and the Museum, before heading over to PEI. There I met a couple of business owners, and then back to Amherst, NS to check in with Deanne and Della — and got both of them on board.

Back in the states, we stopped at Anne Cox’s amazing place “Hedgerow” and encouraged her to create a listing for the place and a show she’ll have there in June.

While it’s fun for me to drive around and visit with Rug Hookers, Wool dyers, Designers, etc. I’ll never get to all of them. I NEED for all of you who have found this site to talk it up to your favorite vendors, artists, event organizers — and for you to figure out who in your local hooking group should make the post about YOUR GROUP.

Barb Ackemann
Author: Barb Ackemann