Terms and Conditions

“Early Adopters” are welcome to add Places and Events at no charge.  The initial settings include a few options that will not be included in the Free Forever listings going foward.  

Beginning May 1, 2022,  a “Free Forever” (Basic Listing) plan will be available as well as  a few options for PAID listings which will allow for photo galleries, videos, and more.  SEE MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS.

All new listings will be reviewed before they are made public.  Allow up to 48 hours.

Once you create a login, please keep track of  it to add more places / events and to edit your listing(s).

Any mis-behavior or inappropriate listings will lead me to disallow your account, or maybe even your IP address!

If you find someone has already made a listing for you and you’d like to improve it,  click on the CLAIM button, register on the site, and after I review your request and approve it, you’ll be the owner of that listing and can edit, update, upgrade the listing.

Event listings:  For month of April, 2022,  Until we have 100 UPCOMING events, all event listings are Free Forever (or until the event happens!)

Beginning May 1,  Once we reach 100 UPCOMING EVENTS, only Free Events will be Free.

A $5 fee for 6-months of advertising events where admission/registration is less than $100.  This can be renewed for additional 6 months of advertising.

A $20 fee applies for 12-months of advertising for events where admission / registration is greater than $100.