The maps are growing!

Here’s a status report on Places, Events and Groups as of 1/30/23.

People/PlacesEvents Groups
Total published listings (upcoming / expired events)11440/4522
Added by me65384
New since 1/1/239206

More interesting statistics: Total number of users who have added listings: 75

Unique visitors to the site during January, 2023: 1135 unique visitors viewed 10, 792 pages!

Countries with pins on the maps: 4: US, Canada, UK and Australia!

Cost of GeoDirectory software on WordPress site: $199 per year

Domain registration each year: ~$15

Printing of Business Cards: ~$75

Income so far: $30

I’m not trying to have this .com be a business that pays me — but it would be nice to have paid listings cover the cost of the software each year. There will ALWAYS be free listings available for People and Place, Groups and FREE events. There are other options, where for a small fee you can have an enhanced listing with more photos, videos, etc.

All event listings are free until we have populated the map with 100 UPCOMING events. 85 events have been listed in the 10 months since the site launched in March of 2022, but 45 of them have gone by. I’ll be adding more events from ATHA and RHM advertisements and Facebook Group posts — but I encourage Event organizers to jump in and list all of your events and workshops for which you have the info – even if they won’t happen until 2024. You can even list SAVE THE DATE posts and update the details later. Once the map has 100 UPCOMING events, that “Early Adopters” option will go away and events that cost participants a fee, will require a modest fee to be listed: $5 to be listed for a year if your attendees will pay less than $100. $20 to be listed for a year when attendees will pay more than $100.

I know what those ads in ATHA and RHM cost — I do the ads for the Green Mountain Guild’s Hooked in the Mountain Shows that we do every 2 years. A listing here will cost you almost nothing and will be seen by people who don’t use Facebook or subscribe to the magazines.

Barb Ackemann
Author: Barb Ackemann