Three weeks in…

It’s been interesting to launch a new website while on a Road Trip….. especially since the backbone of the site is the WPGeoDirectory Plugin with which I had no previous experience.

It’s been a learning curve, with much still ahead, but I have figured out how to

  • Create a new “Custom Post Type” for Groups, Guilds and Gatherings – which will display on a map of their own.
  • Include city, state and country in the “card” displays of places, events and groups.
  • Offer Free and Paid Listing options for Places and Events — a little money coming in will be needed to make this sustainable.

After an initial Facebook post there was a flurry of activity and many new listings of places and events, and then, when it dropped lower in the Facebook group’s feed*, all activity came to a halt — except the lady from Australia who wrote to ask if posts about places in Australia would be welcome.

At first I thought “No…. “, but she wrote back that people planning trips to Australia would often contact her for recommendations on where they might find fellow-hookers. And people from Australia do come to North America, so “Why not?” became my answer. This week she posted the first PLACE in Australia!

I ordered business cards to hand out to vendors and participants at Rug School Nova Scotia the first week of May. They arrived at my step-son’s house and that was an exciting milestone!

Next up: an email to go out to all the Places and Events I created, inviting them to CLAIM their listing and add their own image and make updates going forward. And a follow-up email to the “Early Adopters” who jumped on board that first week.

If you’ve found the site and this blog, feel free to chime in via the comments about how you think you’ll use the site.

*This observation about the Facebook flurry illustrates EXACTLY why event organizers should post their events to RugHookingRoadTrip where they will remain visible on the map, AND in a Date Order display of upcoming events right up until the event happens.

Barb Ackemann
Author: Barb Ackemann