Artists, Vendors, Group Leaders and Event Organizers

This is intended to be a “crowd-sourced” directory.  It’s best if the people, businesses, event orgainizers, or group contact people make their own listings, but OK for others to create listings that can be claimed by the “business owners”


We started out with “free forever” listings — no cost to you to join, but somewhat limited functionality:

  • a pin on the map, which takes people to your profile page
  • ONE photo — recommended size to upload: 800 x 400 px, optimized for web*
  • some text about your offerings
  • Contact details: website or facebook address, email, phone, physical address.

Now available:  a few paid membership  options which allow you to add

  • a gallery of images
  • one or more videos
  • link your PLACE or GROUP to EVENTS  and more…

See all Membership Options and Event Listing Costs

Download this one-page guide to adding to the directory:

View Suggested Tags for Group Listings.

Prepare an image at 640 x 360 pixels to upload in the form.  This is the shape of a horizontal business card  with enough resolution to display full width on a tablet or desktop computer.  (Email a photo to yourself at “medium” size and that should be good!)


Claim a listing I created for your business from RHM or ATHA ad or your website.  

  1. Click the “Claim” button, register for an account, login and click the “Claim” button again,  and I’ll approve your request within a few days.
  2. Log in using link in footer and then you’ll see options to Edit or Delete your listing.

Creating your listing from scratch:

Click Add a Place (or Add an Event or Add a Group)

  1. You’ll be prompted to login, or create an account so you can login.
  2. You’ll be presented with a form to fill in
  3. If you don’t’ want to give out your exact address you can enter “contact for exact address” instead of a street address. In the next step just navigate to your town to get the coordinates.
  4. If your address doesn’t show on the map when you click the button to do so, you may need to go to a google map of your address, Control-click (Mac) or Right-click (PC) on the map pin and you’ll see the longitude and latitude. Clicking on that line should copy that info to your clipboard and then you can paste it into the longitude field on the webform. It will come in as one long string of numbers, probably with a – in the middle. Highlight from the – to the end, cut and paste into the next field – and add a decimal point in the part you pasted. 
  5. Fill in the contact fields you want us to share with users.
  6. For categories (broad groupings – think “Table of Contents”) choose all that apply, and then the primary category for your listing.
  7. For tags you can be as granular as you like, but please do go through the existing tags and choose any and all that are appropriate. Don’t add new tags unless it’s a new idea — to the extent that you use tags that others have used, users will be able to find you from related listings. Invent your own and you’re kind of on your own….
  8. When you save the form, I’ll get an email that there’s a new listing to review, and I’ll take a look and publish your listing within a day or two. If you are replacing a listing I created for you or your business, I’ll also delete that placeholder.

Keep track of your username and password from step 1 because this will let you manage your listing – add more tags or categories, update links, etc.

Welcome aboard!

If you get stuck, please email and I’ll try to help you.

Asking a tech-savvy grandchild to help is always an option!